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SEDEX – Supplier Ethical Data Exchange

​The Sedex Audit Company Group operate the world’s largest collaborative platform for managing ethical supply chain data. This allows customers to view data related to supply chain auditing from multiple parties, thus increasing the efficiency of supply chain auditing. DNV is now a global assessment partner of SEDEX, and can now upload the results of audits to the SEDEX database.

What is SEDEX?

SEDEX is a secure online database, as well as as a supply chain management tool, helping companies to identify, manage and mitigate ethical risks in global supply chains. Sedex engages with all tiers of the supply chain with the aim of driving improvements and convergence in responsible business practices. Members can share and manage information in four key areas: Labour standards, Health and Safety, the Environment and Business Ethics. SEDEX members span over 150 countries in many industry sectors. Since its launch in 2004, over 26,000 organisations from around the world have chosen the SEDEX platform to manage their ethical supply chain data.

Reducing the number of audits

“This membership allows us to respond to our customers’ diversified supply chain needs. We can now help them monitor sustainable performance in the supply chain more effectively, providing more visibility on the results of our audits,” says Luca Crisciotti, CEO of DNV - Supply Chain and Product Assurance. “By submitting supply chain audit results to the database, we help ensuring transparency and re-use of existing audit data. A manufacturer does not need to re-audit a company to qualify them as suppliers, but rather checks their status in the Sedex database."

Mr. Crisciotti adds: “Our collaboration with Sedex is an important step for the direction we are taking with supply chain activities. We intend to pursue relations with key players in the supply chain arena, underlining the growing importance of supply chain auditing for our business.”

The benefits

For DNV’s customers, this means that their audit data can be submitted to the database, ensuring that information about their supply chain audits is available to their customers. Our membership in this global data exchange network will help contribute to steadily increasing the SEDEX database.

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