Added value auditing & digital journey

Finding the right certification body is key. With DNV, you have a dedicated partner with a trusted brand committed to deliver value auditing, actionable training and a digital customer experience.
Our main asset are our professionals. Whether part of your audit team or drawing on their knowledge and experience to develop proprietary audit methodologies or digital tools, we strive to support you in all stages of the certification journey.

Self-assessment suite

Covering the most commonly used standards, our self-assessment suite lets you to test how well you know a specific standard and assess the readiness of your management system. The scored assessment reveals where you may have gaps and improvements are needed. Create a baseline and benchmark different sites internally. Or set quantitative targets for a specific area and regularly measure progress made. Regardless of your need, the self-assessment provides detailed insight on your understanding or performance and degree of control.

Boost My Audit

Focus your audits and improvement efforts to develop high-performing management systems that support your business goals. Our digital Boost My Audit tool lets you concentrate on the critical areas most significant to your business. Browse the most common focus areas by standard, enterprise risk or business process. Filter by industry to identify those most applicable to your business.  Learn how each focus areas supports specific UN SDG Goal(s) or ESG area(s). The attached checklists guide your internal auditing process and help you prepare for any third-party external audits by DNV.

Risk Based Certification™ audit methodology

Organizations today are always scrutinized and asked to demonstrate performance of their own operations and beyond. We apply best-practice auditing techniques, remote and virtual delivery methods, using our proprietary Risk Based Certification® methodology. Our risk-based approach helps you improve your management system’s ability to support your business goals. By you selecting key focus areas before the audit, we can measure performance against selected standard(s) while also checking how well your management system supports the areas critical to your business success.


Our application which provides a complete overview of audit activities, letting you manage your end-to-end certification process. Get comprehensive audit information for all sites certified, instant access to project status, track and close all audit findings. You can personalize the dashboard, compare sites and share views to highlight what matters the most.

Blockchain certificates

All management system and product certificates issued by DNV are tagged with a unique digital ID and safely stored on the blockchain. We do this to help customers mitigate counterfeit certificates and provide trusted transparency to your stakeholders. Anyone can check its validity and latest status by scanning the certificate QR code or searching our public website.


This app is full self-service solution where customers can manage their applicable certification marks. With instant access to marks, you can manage and download marks for digital and print use. The guidance documents help you apply and use the marks in accordance with the certification rules.


Our proprietary business intelligence benchmarking tool that turns customer's audit data into opportunities.  The app provides customers with insight from our ongoing analysis of management system performance data from thousands of certified companies. Browse high level statistics on failures for any given management system standard and access benchmarked analysis against industry peers and best performers. Lumina also includes internal benchmarking, trend analysis and promotes detailed planning of the improvement path.

All our digital tools are available from Veracity, our customer portal. Customers can easily access their applications with one single login By providing instant access to your assets and more knowledge, we work to add value to every audit and your certification journey.