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Foundation Course ISO 14001:2015

A training course that really helps you to understand the requirements of these Environmental Management System standards.
Duration: 2 days.

Aim of the course

Help you and your organisation/institute understand the requirements of the next generation ISO Management  Systems standards in general and the quality management system specific requirements as stated in the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

At the end of course

You will have a very good understanding of:
  • What needs to be considered when developing or upgrading your existing Management Systems to meet the *High Level Structure (HLS) requirements?
  • Requirements of the 2015 versions of the ISO 14001
  • Types of emerging stake-holder (interested parties) pressures on your business.
  • Risk analysis - types of risks linked to your business processes 
  • The new versions of the standards as enablers for sustainable business performance.

Who should attend?

EMS Managers, QES managers, Sustainability Managers, Executives & professionals engaged in the development or preparing for the upgrade of existing Management Systems.
  • Trainers and consultants who search for basic knowledge related to the changes expected in the revised ISO 14001 

Focus areas

  • Evolution of Management System (MS) standards.
  • Reasons behind the changes in ISO 14001:2015.
  • Introduction to ISO HLS* - Common framework for ISO management system standards.
  • An overview of all the requirements of the ISO 14001:2015.

Why this course?

  • This course fulfills the IRCA pre-requisite entry requirements for both the 2 Days Internal Auditor and 5 Days Lead Auditor Training course.
  • Greater understanding of the advantages and opportunities will offer for your (integrated) management system.
  • Highly interactive exercises and case studies.
  • Discussion with peers facing similar challenges when developing or upgrading their management system.
  • Working sessions to consider impact to your own organisation’s management system.
  • Course developed and conducted by experienced  lead auditors & trainers.
  • Number of participants for each course is restricted to ensure effective involvement of every participant.

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