UniGrid substation automation verification software

Self-service interoperability testing enables rapid in-house IEC 61850 verification, saving you time and money

Distribution networks are rapidly becoming larger and more complex – and so is the software that controls them. Updates are rolled out much more frequently and, due to the greater complexity, minor changes can have major consequences. To ensure interoperability, all new implementations and updates should be a verified against the IEC 61850 standard. However, this can be a costly process that requires a skilled test engineer.

DIY IEC 61850 verification 
DNV’s Unigrid substation automation verification software automates this process. This allows you to carry out verification against the IEC 61850 standard without external experts. You can use the software to:
  • Speed up IEC 61850 testing 
  • Test and verify new updates in-house after each development cycle
  • Verify your IEC 61850 implementation before official conformance testing
By allowing you to verify your substation automation system yourself, this fully automated, hands-off tool saves you considerable time and money. Small programming errors can be spotted and corrected early so they don’t become huge drains on resources. And you can be confident you system is ready before you call in the experts for costly official conformance testing.

Born from experience
As the first independent body to provide IEC 61850 conformance testing, we have built up substantial knowledge about the protocol and developed in-house testing tools. All this expertise is now available in our powerful yet easy-to-use software, developed together with a large manufacturer, and supplied with a service level agreement for full support. This innovative software is already proving its worth with around 90% of IEC 61850 test labs and large manufacturers around the world.
  IEC 61850 UniGrid test tool

IEC 61850 UniGrid test tool

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  Substation automation profile definition and verification

Substation automation profile definition and verification

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