Sustainable sourcing

Demonstrate that your products are responsibly sourced and in accordance with relevant legislation.

Companies today must build trust and transparency into every part of their supply chains. Beyond consumer expectations, an increase in legislation demands complex navigation of applicable guidelines and procedures to ensure regulatory compliance. With accountability extending to every link, the social and ethical performance of a company goes well beyond the boundaries of its own facilities.


  • Understand supply chain risks and stakeholder expectations; 
  • Enable structured supplier qualification and monitoring programmes; 
  • Ensure continual supplier management and improvement; Improve competence within organization and among suppliers; 
  • Increase traceability, transparency and trust

Our offering

We help customers increase supply chain trust and transparency through: 

  • Supplier audits and assessments (second and third party); 
  • Social Accountability certification (SA 8000); 
  • Sustainable Procurement Process© verification protocol;
  • Assessment of procurement and supply chain management processes; 
  • Supplier training, engagement and capacity building. 

Our capabilities include: 

  • RBA (Responsible Business Alliance); 
  • SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit); 
  • Social & Labour Convergence Project; 
  • APSCA (Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors).
For supply chain monitoring programmes, we help customers navigate through a wide portfolio of solutions addressing aspects of quality, ethics, social, environmental and security:
  • Global network of professional and qualified auditors; 
  • Strong technical expertise in the field of sustainable development and human rights; 
  • Consistent qualification and training of auditors globally, robust project management, timely planning and communication, accurate delivery, strong quality and technical oversight; 
  • Recognized leadership in digital assurance; 
  • IT audit management solutions that provide all the necessary to easily collect, collate and report consistent, accurate and meaningful metrics across business; 
  • Integration with Worker Voice solutions; 
  • Multi-disciplinary, risk-based approach and multi-industry expertise; 
  • Broad recognition from stakeholders worldwide, due to our brand.
DNV is accredited by the most reputable social and ethical auditing schemes. Moreover, we are recognized by some of the most prominent brands to conduct social auditing according to customers’ Code of Conduct including Nestlé, Unilever, Sainsbury’s, Walmart, Marks & Spencer and many other brands and retailers. For more information on our full capability, please contact your local DNV office.