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Oslo Bislett Games aims for green world record

Public transport, renewable energy and an independent verification of the climate accounts are to make Oslo Bislett Games climate neutral. "We are aiming for new heights and a green world record," says Meeting Director Steinar Hoen, who yesterday received a certificate from DNV GL for Oslo Bislett Games' climate obligations.

From left to right: Thomas Vogth-Eriksen, CFO DNV GL; Steinar Hoen, Meeting Director Oslo Bislett Games; Marianne Borgen, the Mayor of Oslo. Photo: Astrid M. Nordhaug

The certificate was presented at Oslo City Hall by DNV GL's Chief Financial Officer Thomas Vogth-Eriksen. As an independent partner, DNV GL is to verify that Oslo Bislett Games 2017 has control over its climate accounts and will examine Oslo Bislett Games' climate accounts after the meeting to verify that it has delivered on its climate promises.

The verification takes place in accordance with ISO 14064, an international standard for measuring climate-gas emissions. The certificate provides confirmation of Oslo Bislett Games' climate ambitions and desire for an independent assessment of whether or not they have achieved their environmental goals.

"The certificate shows that the arrangers of Oslo Bislett Games take climate-gas emissions seriously. They have acted to ensure that the meeting focuses on not only the sporting results but also the effect that the meeting as a whole has on the world around it," says DNV GL's Vogth-Eriksen.

Close cooperation with the environmental movement

These climate goals mean that Oslo Bislett Games 2017 are aiming to be the IAAF Diamond League's most environmentally friendly meeting. The arrangers have hired Zero, an environmental foundation, to help implement the correct measures to remove CO2 emissions from the meeting.

"Together with Zero, we've turned every possible stone to cut emissions. This means we can today say we will be a zero-emission meeting. It's crucial to have an independent party review the climate accounts and give us feedback on whether the job we have done is good enough. So our collaboration with DNV GL is very important to us," says Hoen.

The Bislett Alliance arrangers have thought about the environment in everything they have done within the meeting's frameworks. All the athletes will be transported from the airport on the airport express train, they will live in the centre of Oslo and be taken to Bislett Stadium on their own tram, and electric cars will be used for all other transport. The next meeting is to be in Stockholm, so that the journey will be short and athletes will travel by train. In addition, arrangements have been made for the spectators to use public transport. Quotas will also be bought to offset the athletes' and spectators' travel activities.

Wants to be a world champion

"We have also made sure that all the energy used in Bislett Stadium comes from renewable sources, we have implemented a very strict waste-sorting policy and the stadium will be Eco-Lighthouse certified. Oslo Bislett Games was also recently awarded Eco-Lighthouse certification by Oslo Municipality. The fact that an independent party checks the Oslo Bislett Games' climate accounts is necessary for our credibility when we say that we aim to be the world champion in climate-friendly sporting events," says Hoen.

He praises the climate experts in Zero and Oslo Municipality's Department of Culture and Sport for the way they have worked with Oslo Bislett Games to create results. "Without expertise and partners, this would have been impossible. The environmental work has been carried out in the good old Bislett spirit. If we do something, we do it to be best in the world! So far, 68 world records have been set at Bislett Stadium and this will be another one. We will be the best environmental player both on and off the track!"

"It's important for us to be a constructive part of our society. Oslo is leading the way as Europe's environmental capital and this is a challenge we take seriously at Bislett Games. If we can manage this, then so can anybody," says Hoen, who thus sends the challenge further to other Diamond League meetings and arrangers of sporting events in both Norway and the rest of the world.

"By working to be climate-neutral and have the work verified by an independent party, Oslo Bislett Games is setting a precedent that we hope others will copy. In addition to ambitious environmental goals, they are making it clear to the world what they do and how they measure this. That adds credibility to future environmental work," says DNV GL's Vogth-Eriksen.



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