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DNV GL Business Assurance Middle East & Arabian Fertilizer Association sign MOU

The MOU covers services relating to Energy Management System (ISO 50001) training & certification.

The 28th AFA Technical International Conference with the theme of “Arab Fertilizers Impressing Future Sustainability” was held in Amman Jordan on the 7th to 9th June 2015. The three-day Conference included five sessions, during which 19 working papers were presented. Christos Markopoulos, DNV GL Business Assurance Regional Marketing & Sales manager presented the benefits of Energy Management Systems and the customized benchmarking tool developed by DNV GL for the AFA members.  Heading from AFA policy of boosting the concept and culture of sustainability in fertilizer factories, entrenching the interaction between member companies to exchange expertise and running in line with the new technological huge advancements in the surrounding environment, AFA embarked on setting a strategic plan to develop AFA performance in the coming years. Such a plan has established an AFA vision of “Human First ... Food Security Foremost” and encouraged AFA members to carry out their entrusted roles. To elaborate, these roles are represented in:  the best utilization of available natural resources, utmost achievement of added value, effective contribution in economic, social and agricultural development and enhancement of fertilizer production efficiency, including all agricultural nutritional components. In addition, AFA has appointed several working groups that will work in underpinning their success in achieving these roles and goals. DNV GL in collaboration with AFA Energy Saving Working Group, and as Delegate in AFA’s 28th Technical International Conference with the theme of “Arab Fertilizers Impressing Future Sustainability” presented on the benefits of the Implementation of Energy Management Systems, the road to Certification against ISO 50001 and some of the Global Mega Trends on the matter. On the completion of the conference, AFA & DNV GL Business Assurance proceeded on the signing of a MOU appointing DNV GL as the sole Training provider to AFA members on the requirements of the Energy Management System: ISO 50001 and the preferred certification body from which the members will receive their ISO certification. DNV GL will work closely with AFA’s Energy Saving Working Group (ESWG): whose aim is the promotion of energy saving policy in fertilizer factories by adopting the following methods: 
  • Set monitoring and targeting standards, indicators to measure energy saving performance efficiency in fertilizers factories (KPI)
  • Carry out energy checking and auditing activities (Benchmarking tool developed and provided by DNV GL).
  • Establish a database for member companies mplemented projects in the field of energy saving. 
  • Design a matrix for rainings and qualifications related to energy saving and management and form related team in companies in. 
  • Entrench energy saving culture among AFA member companies.