Planned maintenance optimization

Potential to reduce costs by more than 20%


Our customer took over as operator of several offshore oil and gas producing platforms for which there was some uncertainty in the basis of the maintenance strategy. To save money and optimize resource deployment, they wanted a cost-optimized planned maintenance (PM) schedule for non-safety critical equipment.

DNV GL solution

DNV GL conducted a review of the existing planned maintenance routines for each installation. Each equipment item was assessed for production criticality and whether a planned maintenance activity would successfully identify a potential, or developing failure. For some equipment classes, it was clear that too much maintenance was being carried out and, where this was not immediately apparent, the benefit of avoiding a failure was balanced with the cost of the maintenance to determine an optimized maintenance interval.

Outcome and benefits

Planned maintenance costs were reduced by 20-40% for each installation. By scheduling maintenance only when there was a business case to do so, DNV GL was able to maximize the value derived from each asset and facilitate better utilization of staff and equipment by minimizing OPEX.