Major accident prevention verification

Efficiently lowering the risk of accidents


A North Sea operator required independent verification that their measures to control the risk of a major shuttle tanker accident were robust. 

DNV GL solution

We needed to assess whether the hardware and procedural barriers in place were both suitable and functional such that the risk was as low as reasonably possible (ALARP).  This was carried out by examining maintenance records and interviewing key personnel onshore and offshore against best practice found in key industry documents:

  • Risk Minimisation Guidelines for Shuttle Tanker Operations Worldwide at Offshore Locations
  • Oil and Gas UK Tandem loading guidelines
  • Oil Companies International Marine Forum, Ship Inspection Report (SIRE) Programme.

Outcome and benefits

DNV GL’s breadth of experience on maritime, regulatory requirements and safety management was important to the client and paramount to the successful completion of the work. The results showed that the risk was well-managed, with a small number of targeted recommendations made to further enhance the client’s shuttle tanker collision risk management.